Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Get a clue!!

So, I've got this friend

Who I have got to get rid of. Well, I think she's doing the "get rid of" part for me. Let me explain:

She's been dating this loser for almost 2 years now. He totally mentally abuses her. And I'm pretty sure physically too. She won't let him go!! They've broken up like 3 times, and she's so much happier without him, or so she seems. And when he's gone, she comes around, and we have a friendship...when he comes back, POOF! No more B. It's truly amazing how he has her so confused!!
I think it's a sickness...she's so male dependant that she can't be alone. She has 4 kids by 3 guys!! She's even said "I'd rather be with him and be miserable, than be alone." WTFreak?
yeah, he pays her bills
yeah, he's a warm body in her bed

#1 he's abusive!
#2 he's mean to her other 3 boys that aren't his!

Come on! Those 2 reasons right there are enough to get away!!

I think it's a sickness. I think some woman are so dependent that they can't be alone. I'll admit, I've had my fair share of bad relationships. My 1st husband was an abusive alcoholic!! And an adulterer!! Guess what? I got the freak up out of that mess!!
You cheat on me? I'M GONE! No second chances...I learned that real early.
You gotta be tough.
Gotta stand your ground.
Don't let some man use you and abuse you.
Be a woman.
Be a mom.
Learn some independance.
But now you gotta do it on your own.
You stress me.
I can't handle worrying about you.
But you'll never know.
Cuz he's in the picture.
So I won't see you for months.
And by then, I'll be gone.
Bye girl.
It was nice.
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2 Whispers:

At 7:35 AM, Blogger Angelina

Wow. Have I so been here. I had a very similar thing happen with a friend for years. I finally had to just seperate myself from the relationship. It was too hard on my spirit. SHe would just be around when a man wasn't. Same crap. I kept believing in her and then boom. I'd be ditched. It hurt so much I finally just put space between us. I haven't heard from her in months. If she needed me, I'd help her but I've learned my lesson!

I'm so sorry. :(


At 8:25 AM, Blogger Berklie

aawwww.... that sucks! She sooo needs to learn the beauty of having girlfriends that are true to you. I can understand her insecurities because that was the girl I once was. Then Mr Fab had to be gone for a really long time, and it was sink or awim time for me. I had to discover who I was... and man! was it liberating!!! I am full of confidence & know that he doesn't make me, so I cannot lean on him for utter contentment. Only God can I totally lean on. It takes a lot to learn that & I'm still struggling, but we grow in our walk. I'll be praying for you with that "friendship", and for her strength.
(WHEW! Did NOT mean to go on & on like that!)


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