Wednesday, November 08, 2006

All right

You know, in my day to day life I'm super polite.
I'm honest. I'm thoughtful, usually. And I say the right things. I believe I do a lot of things because it was the way I was taught, it's how I was raised.

But you know what? Some days it gets to me.
Some days I want to look at the as*hat who is judging me and say F*ck OFF!
Some days I want to confess to a chosen few that I just could care less.
Some days I just want to flick off the driver who cuts me off while I have the littles in the back.

Those things may be no big deal to some but they are to me. I stand up for myself, but I maintain a polite, controlled way abou it.

But why don't I say the above if it is how I feel?
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At 5:23 PM, Anonymous O Mama Mia

Oh girl! This is sooooo me!!
But in all honestly, you do this because you have a God-driven heart... and kiddos in the backseat. But know I'm flipping them off in spirit FOR you! ;)


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