Monday, November 13, 2006

You scream rejection

As I type this post, tears stream.
They burn my eyes.
Across from me sits my little boy.
A few hours ago i was talking to his dad, the ex. He's moving away in a few weeks. Although his dad has never lived in his house, it's sad. It's sad because I feel like his dad could care less. You'd think that moving hours away from here which greatly limits his time with his son would impact his heart. You would think this would make him want to spend time with his son.
Sadly, no.
Sadly, he doesn't give a damn about his child and only cares about himself. Apparently he's too busy to hang out with his son before he leaves. He's got parties to go to. Dates to go on. And packing to do. He's got people to see. People to say good bye to.
Sorry son, no time for you is really what he's saying. No he's not saying, the as@hat is screaming it with his choices.

Does he not see what he's doing?
Does he honestly think his son doesn't notice or care?
What the hell?

Years ago when he left, I was devastated. I couldn't imagine life without him or how I was going to raise my son. Little did I know my life would turn out to be so dreamy and amazing.
I know now my son is better off without his dad in his day to day life, but the constant choices where he dismisses him is killing him and me.

I can not express how glad I am my husband is in his life, how he is his father by action.

I have to go get more chicken nuggets and apple sauce.

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At 5:08 PM, Blogger Berklie

I am going to quote a fellow blogger who, when she used this phrase, I think I peed my pants from laughter....
He's an inept f*cktard.


At 11:47 AM, Anonymous Andria

I understand your frustration because I've been through it. The last time my ex saw our son was in January 1998- that's his choice, not mine.

I think your husband is your son's father in every way that really matters. More importantly, I think your son will realize that someday too.

You're a great mom, just keep your chin up and keep swinging. Tomorrow is another day. :-)


At 2:16 PM, Blogger ablondeblogger

This breaks my heart. Poor little guy. And it hits really close to home, as my husband left me for another woman. Thankfully he came to his senses, though, and realized his mistake. But I know the pain you mention. It's so deep...there just aren't any words to describe it.

I'm SO happy that you met your current husband and that he is in your life and your son's life. You both deserve that happiness and stability.


At 5:28 PM, Blogger FrogLegs

To the last couple paragraphs- hear hear! You ever hear the song "He didn't have to be" by Brad Paisley? If not, you need to. Seriously. I think of it always when I see Joe & Nathan together. As for my ex-- he had no clue.. and now, 7 years later he's finally figuring it out. Which I am thankful for. But you know what? He still doesn't get how much Nathan just wishes to have him around more- craves for anything.. and it makes me sad, and I think it will always. But, we have Joe, and you have your dh. All is super well. THAT helps dry our tears, don't you forget that.


At 8:32 PM, Blogger Mrs. Knightly

Your son is blessed to have your husband in his life. I can completely understand your devastation over the whole matter. I would say keep doing what you are doing. Love your son as much as humanly possible and he will be good to go.
You are such a great Mom and your husband is certainly a hero for stepping up in this situation!!!


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