Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Its a Fit Day!

Who says the holidays have to be spent feeling guilty about how you stuff your piehole? Nay, not I! In my renewed vigor to feel completely healthy, I've already made a resolution: healthier eats. Not so hard, right?

So during my wanderings today, I came across what I've been wanting! (Ok, other than some new sparklies!) For years now I've been tracking my food intake in a book. Hello, Technology! AMEN!

You can track your food, exercise & weight all at one free URL. Meet Fit Day! They put all your nutritional intake in an easy-to-read chart, too. You can set up your targetted weight & goal dates & it tracks your losses. Now, if it just would actually do the fat-burning for me, it'd be a perfect world.

Free. I love that word. Buh-bye, guilt! Hello, SKINNY! Girls, I'm in love.

Now. Dare I share my journal for critique? I mean... "encouragement"?

Kiss kiss,
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2 Whispers:

At 5:44 PM, Anonymous The Middle Manager

Berk, I have also used with much success - highly recommended! Keep up the progress!


At 8:49 PM, Blogger FrogLegs

I used FitDay also-- but I've since switched over to sparkpeople- also free, but with message board and teams. :) I love it- seriously.


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