Friday, November 17, 2006

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Another day, another fight.
I HA-HATE fighting with Mr. Knightly.
Because he can be such an A$@Hole.

Most of the time I would tell you that I am married to a really caring, thoughtful, nice guy.
But when we fight, he flips on me. And I mean he FLIPS.
Uh.... temper tantrum, anyone?

I understand that married people fight and argue with each other.
I get it..... Oh BOY do I get it.
Do married people find themselves thinking, "How much longer can I stand this?", very often?
Because I find myself thinking that a lot lately.

"How much longer can this go on?"
"Do I even like this guy anymore?"
"Can two people like us stay married?"

Yep. Those are the questions that go through my head with every fight that we have.
We fight about once or twice a month. But when we fight, they are usually big ones.
And by "big", I mean shouting.

I guess at this point I am most worried about the thoughts that go through my head after the shouting has stopped. I used to be worried about the fighting. But now I am worried about the fact that my thoughts usually end with the following:
"I just don't think we can make it."

Who knows.
Maybe we can make it.
But what if we can't?


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At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Berklie

You can. We just do. I am in the exact same boat, hun. But ours are more like weekly. And I'm the temper-tantrummed asshat that yells. But he starts it with his assaninity (Is that even a word?). But we get through it & each day is a new day to try & be the best person that we can be.
I have just recently tried changing my thinking to "I will be happy regardless of my marriage, or my two year olds' temper. I will be happy becaused I am a happy person."
Vent on, sweetie. We're here for ya!
Oh, yah... and I drink. ;)


At 5:19 PM, Blogger Mrs. Knightly

Thanks Berk! (can I call you Berk?)
Assanity is totally a word!!!!
And thank you for introducing me to it.
I LOVE it.

It always feels good to know it's not just you going through the sh!t.... I don't know why, it just does.
I think I probably need to change my outlook on the whole thing as well. I just need to figure out exactly how to do it. Either way you are right. Things will work out. They have for the last five and a half years. Hopefully they will continue to do so.

I gotta go though.
Mr. Knightly is going to come home soon and I have to prep for a night of "No Talking".
I can't wait.


At 7:32 AM, Blogger Angelina

My heart is so sad. I have been there in the past and seasons liket his are very painful.

If you are both willing to work, you will make it. If one of you is not, that is when you get scared.

We are here for you, however you need us. In the icky times and in the good ones too. I wish I could reach out and hug you tight and then take you out for some martinis. LOL... hugs Mrs. K.

Your bud,


At 5:35 PM, Blogger FrogLegs

Fights happen- and like you guys, they happen about that often with us also. Thought they always go around the $$ issues, or lack there of, and about who helps, who doesn't and boom-- it escalates. Today has been that day. But.. while I do think -"can I handle it anymore" and other negative thoughts... I know it takes work. SOme days a whole lotta work... and some days where I have to ignore him, he ignore me- and I write a note to him because I know I can't talk to him... Go out for awalk- or drive around town. Take your baby girl, and swing on a swing. Find your happy spot and clear the head. :)


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