Thursday, February 21, 2008

Small Towns, Small Minds

I can only take so much of the in-laws. With their most recent visit, MILDEW rearranged all of Chloe's dresser drawers, did Chloe's & my husband's laundry but didn't touch mine & enjoyed arguing with me about EVERYthing....Fine. I can vent it all out once they are gone.

But I just cannot bring myself to forgive nor ignore ignorant hatred. And that's all I can call it. If you were to call them out & dare say "racist" they would vehemently deny it.

How else should it be taken when comments go like this:
"I just know is about 10 years the world will be slant-eyed amalattos." (his pronunciation)
"I just don't understand their language." (After walking away from an African-American cashier.)


I thought our society had come so much farther than this crap. I suppose it could have been worse, but it made my gut churn, nonetheless. I felt so stupid for not calling them out. I was in such shock & disbelief. I had never heard anything like this from them. Their verbal vomit is usually just their distaste for me. I suppose a sliver of silver lining would be that my husband didn't "inherit" their thinking.


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At 5:52 PM, Blogger Ms. O


Seriously. Woah.

Hopefully Chloe isn't picking up on any of that.

They need to change their stinkin' thinkin' and fast.

And, I cannot believe she didn't also do your laundry! OH MY GOD!


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